In theory, the recipe chosen by the librarycook for the November blogpost was the best and most reader-friendly yet.  About 20 minutes of anything resembling work, and days of reading time while the dough proved.

And yet.  The dough was made on a Wednesday afternoon, and used on a Friday evening, thereby providing a good 48 hours of valuable reading time.  But for reasons which are still inexplicable to the librarycook, her days are not just filled with cooking and reading.  Sadly, some of that time has to be occupied with so-called gainful employment, which, so far as she can see, merely limits the number of books that can be read.

Anyway. The recipe – for Neapolitan-style Pizza Capricciosa – written for Delicious by one Silvia Colloca, aka Mrs Richard Roxburgh – was excellent. The recipe instructed that the dough should rest in the fridge for up to 4 days – tick.  The suggested topping –  mozzarella, mushrooms, ham and artichoke hearts – also earned a tick.  And the librarycook could imagine endless further possibilities – olives and salami perhaps, or prosciutto and rocket draped on the finished pizza, or a tomato and pesto topping or …. truly, pizza can be seen as a series of books by a favourite author – the same basic premise but with interesting variations and themes.

Will the librarycook be adding this to her extensive, but really quite reasonable, especially when compared with the number of books in her home library, collection of recipes?

Listen.  If it’s good enough for Richard Roxburgh, it’s good enough for the librarycook.

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