Here it is almost March, thought the librarycook, and the librarycook is yet to buckle down to the routine of work and all that entails, which, it seems to the librarycook, is chiefly a reduction in time allocated to reading.

To ease back in, what could be finer than the double delight of Double-Saucing Butterscotch Chocolate Orange Pudding?  The cover recipe, too, so the librarycook didn’t need to trouble herself with decisions.

This was no simple, cook-with-one-eye-on-a-book recipe, however.  First, glacéd oranges had to be made – relatively simple, and with lots of time in the oven, or, as the librarycook thinks of it, lots of reading time.  Then, the pudding itself – again, pretty fast, and another half hour of reading time.  Finally, before serving, the butterscotch sauce had to be made – only a couple of minutes’ work, so no chance of a chapter or two.

So how was it?  The butterscotch sauce was a thing of beauty, but sadly, the pudding itself lacked something.  It was OK.  Not great.  But the librarycook is resourceful – substitute the pudding for another, tried and tested pud, add the sauce, and voila! A worthwhile addition to the dessert repertoire – and almost an hour of reading time.  How sad, however, that modern scientific thought does not consider dessert alone to be a balanced meal – all that provision of other, so called healthier, courses really does eat into the librarycook’s reading time.

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