The Parallax view is a somewhat prophetic film that explores the concept of Conspiracy and deception. The film’s namesake is an analogy to the scientific Parallax view, in which if an object is viewed incorrectly it’s measurement cannot be made, this ties into the movie with a protagonist who can see an elaborate conspiracy form, while his associates around him remain oblivious.

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This film starts off with a scene based off of the assassination of Robert  F. Kennedy, the film making reference to the two shooters conspiracy. There is then a build up with the protagonist investigating a tangled web of conspiracies mainly focused around the “Parallax Corporation” a shady company involved in assassinations, this eventually leads up to the most memorable scene in the movie, the brainwashing scene, in which an elaborate montage of slides are shown in an attempt to brainwash the protagonist into joining the Parallax Corporation. This was at the time, eerily similar to the not yet declassified MKUltra program by the CIA. The film eventually reaches a rather  anti-climactic climax which conveys the invincibility of the “Parallax Corporation” by showing the lack of consequence towards such groups.

REVIEW BY:  Richard McKenzie

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