Llamas on the Quad? Pop-up Libraries? Netflix for books? It must be the Trinity Arts Festival!

Weeks 5 & 6 saw the Arthur Holt Library jump feet first into celebrating the Arts Fest with a combination of lively events to complement the amazing schedule of arts-themed showcases around the school. In the library, we enticed the boys to borrow from our diverse collection by appealing to their love of Netflix. The Bookflix display at the front of the library helps them by suggesting books in categories such as “Because we’re all preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse” and “Trending Now”.

HM Bulletin.6_Bookflix image

Outside of the library, National Simultaneous Storytime saw Hamish the Llama sit side-by-side with the Head Master while he read this year’s book, Alpacas with Maracas  by Matt Cosgrove, to the Junior School Kindergarten students. Simultaneously, as the Head Master was reading on Quad, the School Captain, Nick Bouletos, was reading the same book to our Year 1 boys in the Library, and John Blois and Amy Luchetti were rapping it to a backing track for the staff in the Common Room. It was definitely a morning that will long be remembered.


In other reading-inspired events, the Library hosted Pop-up Libraries around the school, with the first appearing in the Staff Common Room offering staff a curated selection of books to either enhance or escape their practice. The second Pop-up Library appeared in Compass Court at lunchtime for the students, and then stayed on for Friday Night Fever alongside spectacular music, drama and visual arts exhibitions. Borrowing was encouraged across the whole school community, with parents and siblings taking advantage of the opportunity.

HM Bulletin.6_Disco MokeHM Bulletin.6_Friday Night Fever

The final Pop-up library was to have appeared on the Quad this week, but the weather gods weren’t on our side, so instead it popped up in the Cafeteria.  Nothing stops a Library Pop-up!  This one was hosted by the school’s prefects and celebrated the books that shaped their imaginations. Blankets and cushions were provided for students to lie down and soak up the stories (and the accompanying music wafting through from Compass Court).

Finally, rounding out the Arts Fest events, author Will Kostakis dropped by to speak to some of our year 9 students. He spoke about the writing process, the importance of reading widely, and his experience of signing a book deal before he’d even finished high school! Will shared hilarious stories of his inspiration for some of his published novels, including award-winning Sidekicks and award-nominated The First Third. Everybody present, students and staff, were thoroughly riveted. We look forward to seeing him again soon…and to his new book series, Monuments, coming out soon.

Will Kostakis talks to Yr 9 Boys (1).jpg

Vicki Courtenay | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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