In ‘Walking Free’, author Munjed al Muderis, retells his amazing life story as a surgeon, and privileged son of wealthy Iraqis, who became an illegal immigrant in an Australian detention centre, and then went on to become a world leading orthopaedic surgeon.

Munjed’s life was altered in a single moment when his surgical team was ordered to mutilate the ears of dozens of army deserters. The team’s head surgeon refused, and was shot on the spot. Munjed realised he too would be shot if he refused, and understood in that moment that his life in Iraq was over. He fled, becoming a refugee and eventually spending 10 months in one of Australia’s toughest detention centres.

Following the processing of his application into Australia, Munjed returned to orthopaedic surgery, becoming one of the world’s leading osseo-integration specialists. His work emulated the Terminator movies that inspired him, and allows amputees to have robotic limbs implanted, instead of traditional prosthetics.  In addition to this, he’s a passionate advocate for human rights.

The Arthur Holt Library was fortunate enough to have Munjed visit late last year, appearing as a guest at our inaugural books@breakfast event, a series aimed at promoting boys’ literacy and providing great role models. Each event features a male author speaking to students, parents and teachers, along with a light breakfast.

Our next books@breakfast event is scheduled to take place during the TGS Arts Festival, where Yoni Bashan will be speaking about his book, ‘The Squad’. Bookings can be made via the TGS community Page.

walking free

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