Our Movie Club Society co-curricular has faced a few challenges this term.   We moved from our weekly Library based film viewing to an online format when the COVID restrictions were enforced.

We managed to find suitable movies on ClickView and streaming services and put a plan in place to continue our weekly screenings.

 The students took it in their stride and together with their “Movie Goodie Pack”, continued to watch the movies from the comfort of their own homes.

And since they handled the changes with aplomb, we decided to throw down another challenge – review the weekly movie is just six words.

It’s not as easy as it sounds!

This week Benjamin Newall reviewed American Sniper with the following summation –

“Emotional, Heroism, Family, Mentality, Shocking and powerful”

We think you’ve nailed it Ben !

We also enjoyed Adam Kasanczuk’s tongue-in-cheek review about American Sniper.

“ The movie is about a sniper”


Edward Scissorhands was our comedy/fantasy pick earlier in the term and Christopher Papaioannou described it as  –

“A 90s German expressionistic unorthodox horror”


Ms Drayton weighed in with her six word review on The Breakfast Club

“Misfits get detention, awesome movie soundtrack “

And she added this review for the Italian foreign classic film, Life is Beautiful

“Holocaust story told with sensitive humour”

MIss Gaspari joined in the review fun and suggested this for Dirty Dancing

 “Carrying a watermelon leads to love”

And Miss Gaspari thought the sports documentary Senna was summed up as –

“Journey to the ultimate pit stop”

We loved that the Senna movie poster came with its own six word review – 

 “No fear. No limits. No equal.”



We are enjoying the reviews Gents so please keep them coming in.


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