Micro-Fiction Competition

Last week, over two afternoons, the Year 8 cohort (who would ordinarily be jumping, swimming, running or throwing things at their various sports activities) instead came to the Arthur Holt Library to apply the same energy and competitive spirit to the process of writing creatively. The results were quite remarkable, demonstrating once again that the pen is mightier than the javelin.

The boys were given 15 minutes to draft a story that would fit on the back of a postcard.


Then they were given a further fifteen minutes to come up with as many works of Twitterature (very short stories with 140 characters or less) as they could. They then had the opportunity to share their work in house groups and give each other feedback.

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The final challenge of each afternoon was to attempt the ultimate micro-fiction form – the six-word story.

The Library staff were impressed with the students’ creative flair, many very moving and entertaining pieces of creative writing resulted from these activities. We will have a difficult time choosing winners from each division, but once we have, they will be presented with prizes at Quad Assembly. We will be featuring some of their extraordinary work on this blog in upcoming weeks.

The boys also showed courage in reading their work aloud to their peers at the end of the afternoon. The encouragement they showed one another in celebrating their work was truly heartwarming and we hope they will take the same team spirit to the field as they recommence their summer sports this week.

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